PS Smile Foundation e.V.

I have been at home in the world of beauty for over 30 years.
For me job and vocation at the same time. Then as now.

Today I travel all over the world as an expert and I know that beauty means more than color and facade. The focus is on charisma, which is essentially reflected in a person's smile.

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Do you agree: EVERYONE deserves a smile?

Mutual help makes even the POOR people RICH. In order to bring some help to poor countries, my deepest desire was to help where HELP is needed. Namely with the little offspring who should make our world shine happily and mean our future together...


The PETER SCHMIDINGER SMILE FOUNDATION e.V. supports the established organizations mainly in Asia with a large portion of commitment and above all love for people. This organization has been committed to safe and free cleft lip and palate correction surgery for children with this congenital deformity for years.
"Everyone really deserves a smile."

You can contribute

Start small for yourself and read our name out loud: "SMILE" - and you'll be smiling. Follow us on our mission... I am sure you will get a smile back in your life!

thank you very much
Your Peter Schmidinger and the whole team.
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